How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo to Alaska?

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo to Alaska?

As we continue our blog series answering our FAQs, this month we focus on Frequently Asked Question #3, “How long does it take to ship cargo to Alaska?” Here’s how we answer that on our website:

“There are several variables when it comes to shipping freight to and from Alaska. The amount of time it takes depends on the pickup and final destinations, weather, amount of cargo and several other factors. For a more in-depth response, get a quote online or call our 24-hour LIVE support line at 800-426-0004.”

Let’s take a closer look at each of these variables:


Pick-up/Final Destinations: In other words, distance. The distance that is required to ship your cargo will definitely impact the amount of time it will take. Obviously the further the distance the longer it will take. However, with Alaska Air Forwarding, we do everything we can to ensure your cargo arrives as quickly as possible. This may require using various methods of transportation in order to ship cargo quickly and efficiently.

Weather: Weather is a factor that must always be considered. Since we ship to Alaska on a regular basis, weather is a constant concern. For many shipping companies, harsh winter weather can delay and in some cases, even halt shipping. However, with Alaska Air forwarding, we have relationships with numerous carriers throughout the state of Alaska. These carriers are well-versed in Alaska’s rugged terrain and weather patterns and are able to transport cargo through any type of weather.

Amount of Cargo: The amount of cargo that is being shipped will also impact the length of the shipping process. Small cargo can be easily added to other shipments going to the same place, while larger cargo may require its own container for shipping. Larger cargo typically takes a little longer to ship due to the time it may take to secure a container and plan for the additional weight that it adds to the shipment.

Other factors: Other factors that will impact shipping time are over-sized cargo and hazardous materials. There are some shipping companies that do not ship hazardous or over-sized cargo however Alaska Air forwarding does. In fact, heavy lift cargo is one of our specialties; we can ship large cargo, under difficult circumstances to Alaska or anywhere.

There are many factors that will affect shipping time. With Alaska Air Forwarding you’ll find a shipping company that has the ability to ship cargo under difficult circumstances, such as harsh weather, large, over-sized cargo and even some hazardous material. Call us for a quote and we’ll give you all the details and walk you through the process, making sure your cargo arrives to its destination safely and efficiently.

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