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How the Declining Wild Salmon Population is Affecting Commercial Fishing

Alaska’s salmon population has been declining in recent years and this decline has presented a unique set of challenges to the state of Alaska. The Chinook salmon has seen the greatest decline in recent years and at one point, salmon runs in the Yukon, Kuskokwim and Kenai Rivers had declined to the point where several major fisheries were either strictly limited or closed altogether. The villages along these rivers are especially dependent on the Chinook salmon for both commercial harvests as well as for supplying sustenance for families.

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How the Seasons of Alaska Affect Commercial Industries

Alaska is a unique state in many ways. It boasts the largest land mass of any state in the United States and because of this, has the largest coastline not only of any one state, but of all states combined. In addition to these features, Alaska is known for having extremely long summer days and also having some of the shortest winter days on record anywhere.

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Alaska’s Active Volcano: How does this impact air shipping?

Alaska’s Active Volcano: How does this impact air shipping? You are most likely familiar with the Pacific Ocean’s Aleutian Islands. They make up what is known as the “Ring-of-Fire” which is a horse-shoe shaped zone of islands known for frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. One of these islands, Bogoslof Island, is one of Alaska’s most…
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