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Construction and Shipping In Alaska 2018

As a full-service freight forwarder to Alaska, we take a great interest in all that is going on in this great state, even, and especially, the day to day projects that are designed to enhance and strengthen the infrastructure of the state.

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Alaska’s Iditarod: A Look at its History and some Fun Facts You May Not Know

Most likely, everyone has heard of Alaska’s Iditarod. It is held every year in early March and while you may not be aware of when it starts, you’ve likely heard who wins the race in a brief news report. As a Seattle-based company with strong ties to Alaska, Alaska Air Forwarding has always taken an interest in everything that happens in Alaska; including Alaska’s Great Race, The Iditarod. We’d like to share with you a little about the history of the race along with some fun facts you may not know.

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The Fastest Way to Ship Inventory to Alaska

As a freight company, we are often asked “What is the fastest way to get inventory to Alaska?” To which reply, “We can help you do that.” We’ve been shipping things to Alaska since 1965 and over the last 50+ years, we have learned a few things about shipping inventory that have become our standards for how we deliver every bit of inventory we ship. Here are the five key factors that should always be in place when one considers shipping to Alaska.

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