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Freight Forwarder

Alaska Air Forwarding is a full service freight forwarder serving industries and businesses throughout North America. We have a network of 500 partner agents throughout the United States and world. We provide:

      •    Pricing/spot quotes
      •    Highest caliber of service
      •    Door-to-door pickup and delivery
      •    Documentation
      •    Expediting your business cargo


AAF has offices in key Alaska cities. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is there to facilitate getting your shipment delivered.

4000 W 50th, #6
Anchorage, AK 99502

Jim Springhill has been managing the Anchorage office since 1979. He knows everybody. He also knows the best and fastest way to get your shipment out of Anchorage and to its destination in Alaska. You can rely on Jim for:

  •    Short term storage
  •    Hold for pick up
  •    Delivery
  •    Receiving

515 Biorka Dr,
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

AAF has an office in this very key commercial fishing port. Our office is there to make sure the fish processing plants, fleet services, fishing and marine industry get what they need when they need it.

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